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Seth Williams Must No Longer Be District Attorney in Philadelphia

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This is a petition to ourselves.  By signing this petition, I am pledging never to support Seth Williams for District Attorney in Philadelphia.   I am going to contact at least 5 people I know who live in the City and ask them not to vote for Seth Williams and ask them to turn up to vote on May 16, 2017.

I will share this on my social media.

I will place a reminder on my phone to remind myself to vote, and my friends to vote.

I will look at who the alternatives to Seth Williams are, and pick whichever alternative I like best, but never for Seth Williams.  Ever.

If Seth Williams wins the Democratic Primary then I will vote for the Republican, whoever it is, rather than vote for Seth Williams.

Rufus Seth Williams is a disgrace to the profession of law enforcement, to civil liberties, to women and to the minorities of our city.

  1. He has prosecuted politicians for accepting small gifts while he himself has accepted free trips and free contracting work worth tens of thousands of dollars
  2. He oversaw a civil forfeiture operation that shook down ordinary Philadelphians of their cash, cars and homes with little due process
  3. His treatment towards women has been appalling.  So much so that City Council formally rebuked him in open session over retaining two special hires snared in the PornGate scandal.  It takes a LOT of bad acting to get City Council to call out your misogyny.
  4. He raided special project funds in the DA's office to hire unqualified friends (mostly attractive women)
  5. He hired a completely unqualified defense attorney whose own law practice financially collapsed in order to help him out
  6. Upon taking office he continued to behave as if the DA's office was a fraternity; putting loyalty to himself over the quality of work ADAs do, forcing good prosecutors who loved their work to leave
  7. He is solely responsible for sinking morale to an all-time low.  This has hampered the office's ability to do its job to protect the citizens of Philadelphia.
  8. Illegal gun prosecutions in Philadelphia are now, as a result of his actions, at an all time low.


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