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Bush, 41, Ford, Dole, McCain, Romney.   Need I say more?

Speaker Boehner has deluded himself that the TEA Party backed ALL Republican ideals, and that his refusal to stand firm in the Budget Ceiling Debate (so that we could handle it in the general election) was acceptable to the rank and file of the Republian Party.

We are no longer accepting the GOP Establishment backed candidates as our own.  

Go ahead.  Try to win without us.

Letter to
Chairman Reince Priebus
I vow to NEVER vote for another non-conservative again. Even if this means the Democrat will win. I've been told I had to "settle" for a moderate because they are more acceptable. As if Ford, Dole and McCain weren't enough - we ran the most liberal Republican Governor in modern history who (we were told) had no problem raising money - and we still lost.

With 40% of the nation self-declaring themselves as conservatives and the GOP leaders consistently undercutting those of us that want principled stands on limited government and spending, we are putting you on notice that we will no longer allow you to force pretend conservatives on us any longer.

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