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I will be the voice for Hmong/ Hmoob people: Hmong Recognition and Freedom!

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Hmong News 2012 (Link Follows)

It's been well over 30 years that the Hmong people have kindly fought in the Civil War (Secret War) alongside of the United States army (CIA) for the promised freedom. Grandfathers, fathers, sons and babies bravely left behind grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and babies to train for a war that would prove to be impossible. Since then most of our Hmong people have been  left behind to fend for their lives causing some to flee towards the jungles of Asia, never to be heard from again.


     Many Hmong/ Hmoob people have since, been preyed upon or hunted down from unthinkable killings to airplanes disbursing chemicals in attempts to extinguish what's left of the true Hmong history because we fought for the United States. Hmong people have been forced to scattered about, leaving our history causing it to dissipate and eventually be forgotten.


     There’s no excuse as to why we aren’t mentioned in history books. By chance if Hmong people were mentioned, how accurate are the stories and what are the facts? Hmong people deserve a strong history and cultural understanding like others. Why is it that we are the only ones who are deprived from our own true history? Are we not human, and do we not all have a beating heart? Maybe, to other's it's not a heart externally strong enough to live? But internally we beat for every chance at freedom (CIA word), giving us more than enough will power to continue fighting.


     I am a Hmong American and it kills me inside to know that no matter what I do alone, I can't possibly be a successful voice for the Hmong people. But with your help we can stand together and slowly get the words out. The Hmong people who were left behind can be the only ones to revive true Hmong history. I am not pointing figures because no one is at fault for lack of information with facts. Our elders who made it here lacked English and could not express their concerns nationally. But today, the tables have turned and that's why this petition is here.


     This is our cry for help. Please, return the support and fight with us now. We do not ask for money or wealth, we only ask for freedom and our recognition. After years of loyalty, battles, tears, and blood shed let's finally bring these people freedom and recognition that was promised to them.


You can make a difference! With your name being part of an ongoing crisis that has ties to 5,000 years’ worth of history in all walks of life, you'll be proud that you gave someone a chance to be heard. Together, let's end genocide and regain what we all know as mankind. Thank you and congrats on becoming the voice for Hmong people. Your name will not go unrecognized.


Please watch the link I have attached.

These men are courageous and they have given us hope to understand what horrific destiny hmong people are facing to this day!

The Lost Tribe: Part I

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 The Lost Tribe: Part III

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