Tell Trudeau to Support Refugees

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Racist attacks across Canada

When we first started drafting this petition, Peterborough's only mosque had already been set on fire. As we were about to launch yesterday, Brad Wall, the Premier of Saskatchewan equated refugees with terrorists in an open letter. Two hours after we launched, and with 5,000 signatures already, we found out that a temple in Kitchener had been vandalized. Late last night news broke that a Muslim woman was assaulted outside her children's school in Toronto. Racisms and islamophobia have reared their ugly head yet again and we must push back. Over 15,000 of us have signed this petition and this is an important and critical step, please keep circulating and sharing. At the same time, look out for grassroots anti-racist events in your community and join them. We must work together, and work hard to stop these injustices. If you're in Regina, attend an emergency protest today at 12:30pm CST at the Legislative Building to welcome refugees. Together we insist: Open the borders to all refugees seeking safety, overhaul the immigration system, end the wars.
6 years ago