I want to Identify as being Transcender. I Want To Identify as being a “Transcender”.

I want to Identify as being Transcender. I Want To Identify as being a “Transcender”.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Makia Milton

Transcender... One Who Does Not Fit Within The Binary Labels Of Male Or Female, Therefore Transcending The Idea Of Gender.

I Feel Like I Am Half Man And Half Woman. I Dont Favor One Over The Other. I Dont Fall Under Just A Man Or Just A Woman.

I Am 43 Years Old And I Just Came To This Conclusion. All My Life I Didn’t Fit In. I Feel Masculine And Feminine At The Same Time. I Have Always Felt This. If I Had To Put It In Context I Would Say That I Yern For This Equality Because I Do not Identify With One Over The Other. I Thought To Myself Am I Transgender?.. Not Knowing Exactly What That Meant So I Looked It Up And I Found That I Don’t Fall In That Category. So It Just Came To Me The Word Transcender. So I looked The Word Up And This Is Me 100%. At This Time I'm Not Sure Exactly But I Do Know There Has To Be Others. I Know That I Am Not The Only One Who Feels Like This. I Believe My Past Actions Have Contributed To Myself Knowing But Not Knowing That I Am Not 100% Woman. The Things That I Have Been Through Demonstrate That I Was Imbalanced. I Had A Desire For Both Man Or Woman. I Have Lived Both Sexes And I Have No Desire To Be Either Sex. I Feel Whole As 1 Embodiment And Live My Life As Such. I Don’t Feel The Need To Be With Either Sex. I Can Do Things On My Own. 

I Say All This To Say I'm Not Sure Where I'm Going With This, All I Know Is That I'm Living Proof. If Things Would Go Wrong, It's Like I Would Be The Root Of My Own Problems. I Just Believe That If People Are Aware That They Dont Have To Be Just One Sex Or The Other Would Alleviate The Confusion. Maybe Just Maybe We Could Get Enough Information about This Phenomena And Prevent unnecessary Suffering. To Have a better Understanding About This Truth That I Know Is True For Myself. I Just Do Not Want No One To Suffer Like I Did Or My Family Having To Experience This Confusion With Me, Having To Pick Just One Sex. I Would Rather Choose Other To Identify With... NOT JUST MAN OR WOMAN.

If I Win I Believe This Would Help People Around The World Become Whole. I Believe This Is Out Of The Social Norms But I Feel If We Open The Door People Would Practice Self-Love And In Return Love Othes Back. We Dont Have To Get Married And Live Happily Ever After... We Can Stand Alone And Still Be Considered Normal. I Know This Sounds Unbelievable But I Am With Out A Doubt That This Would Make A Simple Change In Perspective. Even If I Don’t Make A Change Atleast I Did My Part By Coming Forward.

Thank You

Side Note: Maybe If You Do Not Want Mass Reproduction Stop Supporting It.

150 have signed. Let’s get to 200!