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I want to achieve my goal in helping the animals in the ocean.

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The Galapagos Shark is one of the larger species in its genus. These sharks have a slender, streamlined body, typical of the requiem sharks. They have a wide and rounded snout with indistinct anterior nasal flaps. The eyes are round and of a medium size for a shark of that size and the mouth usually contains 14 tooth rows on either side of both jaws, plus one tooth at the symphysis. I care because no animals should be harmed. They have a family that they love and care for and want to live to see them. They want to explore the world and spend as much time with there family as they can before it is they time to go. I want to solve helping the animals that are harmed or hurt in the ocean. Help them get the nursing they need. Make sure that they have the proper care.

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