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Tell the media to stop stirring up racism to make money!

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The jury found George Zimmerman innocent. He stood trial and was found NOT GUILTY, yet the social media continues to stir up racial division and make this into a racial issue. I want the major news media to stop using this issue to sell newspapers and to start allowing the public to heal the divide. There is apparently such a thing as "double jeopardy" in the court of public opinion, and now that the legal system did it's job, the media and even some of the jurors all want to have their 15 minutes of fame and or make money off of this. Yes it was a tragedy, but if we allow it to divide our nation, then it is a NATIONAL tragedy. The news media is daily adding fuel to the fire of hatred and bigotry, which can go BOTH ways, regardless of race! Let this go! Let George Zimmerman live his life in peace and if you want to take up a cause, take up the cause of HIS civil rights which have been extremely violated! Everyone wants to squawk about the civil rights violations when it is a violation against a black man, but how can we call ourselves "equal" unless we are equally concerned about the civil rights of someone who is not of our race? Even if you disagree with the outcome of the trial, the jury has handed down their verdict and that should end this. Continuing to fan the flames will only cause more dissention and cause more pain within our own country!

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