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I would like them evicted

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They are causing my children to be sick. I have copies of about thirty doctors visits, as well as visits to Ct. Childrens medical center from just this past winter alone. The air being brought into my apartment causes a thick layer of black dust to settle on my belongings, as well as mold spores and dust mites that my children are breathing in. My children are breaking out in rashes and have had MULTIPLE upper respiratory infections. Living below this household is harming my children and I am afraid it will have lasting effets on my children if they are not  removed or the problem is not resolved. I have been to the health department and they tell me there is nothing that can be done... They referred me to Rich Metcalf, of code enforcement who referred me back to the health department. No one is willing to do anything about these people or their despicable, filthy living conditions. Their home is deplorable. Their cats are urinating and going to the bathroom in my clothing in the basement that is waiting to be washed, and in thier apartment the trash would be about waist deep if I were to try and walk through the passageways of their trash piles. Something needs to be done. My children break out in rashes, have severe repiratory infections, often have the runs and vomit minimally twice a month. The health of my children may not matter to the board of health but they mean everything to e and I can't stand to watch them suffer any longer.

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