I want facs NSW investigated for removal of children with no investigation and force removal

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please let's come together and sign this petition for our children and our children's children

Help me be there voice the children in state care have no say in there own life or desisions made about there life i want to help them have this "loud voice" make the kids be herd 

Help me help the kids of nsw have the voice they deserve children should be allowed to deside on what happens in there life and be aloud to make the choice on what goes on its there life and there human right to have a voice 

I want #FACS #NSW Investigated for child abuse including emotional and Illegally forced removal of children From Good Homes Based on False Allegations No Evidence!

This is personal to me as my family members (children) have been assaulted by facs Department of Child safety workers,The removal was not conducted Lawfully or by Department protocols.
To be honest this was Conducted over a anonymous phone call with no evidence or truth behind it

I know I am not the only one who believes this needs to happen This is Urgent Who is taking the children who why and where
so please sign and help me have them investigated I also strongly believe all facs workers should be drug tested! and A full review into Facs conduct And closely monitored please bring the kids home

A shout out for our parental rights For our children' let's come together and sign this petition for our children and our children's children because their lives depend on it !

Brad hazzard has not only put the ngo's on notice he has also put every parent on notice.
Every NGO in nsw will have their contract reviewed every 2 years. If they haven't reached their adoption quota then their contract is cancelled. So they will be pushing hard for adoption.
What this means to you is every child in care can be forcibly adopted. You have no say and you can't stop it.
Do not believe the Rumors about open adoption because once the adoption is final the adoptive parents can say they don't want you to see them. That's it their word is final.
Hugh Jackman and Deborah lee Furness are classic Examples. They promised an open adoption to the biological mother and once it was final they packed up and came back to Australia the end result the mother killed herself.
We need to fight this NOW. We need a #Royal Commission, we need accountability so please sign my petition let's make this happen and show brad hazzard we won't take this sitting down and forced removal then forced adoption Should not be happening

please grant a Royal Commission into Family and Community Services NSW.

Pru goodward you need to make a change 75% of kids in state care are there for no good reason Pru im holding u acountable. ....

  1. Thank you For Hearing My Voice And The Voice for all children

Our Children