Rapid Response Helpline for Mob Violence

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Tabrez Ansari, a 24 year old, was brutally killed by the mob on the basis of a rumour. An Indian citizen killed by the mob.

Mukesh Vaniya, a Dalit man, was bound by his waist with a rope and beaten to death by 4 men. An Indian citizen killed by the mob.

Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was attacked by a mob of around 400 people when he went to restore calm in the area where violence had erupted. An Indian citizen killed by the mob. 

Chandraiah, a trans woman was attacked and killed in Hyderabad by a mob on the basis of a rumour. An Indian citizen killed by the mob. 

Ankit Saxena, Pehlu Khan, Akhlaq- all were brutally murdered in public view by the mob.

I feel helpless to see that the cases of vigilantism and mob violence have been on the rise in our country. My fellow citizens, my fellow Indians are being brutally beaten and killed. Rumours and fake messages are being spread through social media resulting in the mob taking law in their own hands and acting violently. 

The number of Indian lives this kind of violence has taken is increasing day by day. Not a single week passes without one such news. It breaks my heart to see the painful videos of these victims that are shown on prime time. My heart breaks to see their cry for help. I feel helpless. 

I wonder what the people standing around and eyewitnesses were doing? Why couldn’t they stop the mob? I put myself in their situation and realise their helplessness as well. 

As a common Indian, I believe that the biggest reason citizens don’t intervene is because of fear and the lack of police support.

I realised that a Rapid Response Helpline for Mob Violence is the need of the hour. This will make all the difference. The difference between life and death for Tabrez, Mukesh, Inspector Subodh, Chandraiah, Ankit, Pehlu and Akhlaq and all those innocent fellow Indians who were attacked by the mob.

The Supreme Court has already issued 11 point guidelines for the state governments to follow. HARDLY ANY ACTION HAS TAKEN PLACE! 

That is why I have started this petition. I want the Delhi government to set up a toll-free help line number so that bystanders/victims can call when a mob turns violent and attacks individuals.

Please join me for this cause before it is too late. Sign this petition to ensure that the rule of law prevails and not the rule of the mob. Thousands of innocents will be saved when thousands sign and share this petition.

Let us make India safe for every citizen. One state at a time. #MobsWontWin #HelpisHere

Image courtesy: India Today, NDTV.