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My name is Ian Effendi. I am the 18 year old son of a serial cheater who has jeopardized my position as a rising sophomore at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It is important to know that the Rochester Institute of Technology is NOT at fault here - they are, however, in the number one position to help me which is why this petition is directed to them. It's asking them to help make a change. If you want the full scope of the situation, please read my story here:  [ Fool Me Once, by Ian Effendi ] My father's fiscal irresponsibility has forced my family's hand. After spending an inordinate amount of time and money on his mistress, he's forced us into debt and a situation that makes it difficult to maintain payment of my scholarship. My mother, Nneka Effendi, 38, is permanently disabled due to an injury on the job. My paternal great-grandmother, Etheline "Nyn" Henderson, 94, is suffering from third stage Alzheimer's disease, and has signed her house over to my grandmother. My paternal grandmother, Dawn Effendi, 63, is permanently disabled, suffering from Graves' disease and sciatic radiculopathy. My paternal grandfather, Gatot Effendi, passed away in 2012 leaving my grandmother with $120,000 in life insurance to support us. My father's fiscal irresponsibility has burned through his own father's inheritance in order to maintain his illicit activities. My father was caught cheating for the third time in the last five years and had threatened to remove his financially and parental support for our family. This has meant that I will have to give up my college education in order to care for my three younger siblings, Joshua (14), Kaylin (10), and Lara (3).  This summer I've been working at a recruiting agency as a software developer intern just to keep the rent paid for my family; this entire financial situation was kept hidden away from me until last week. In 2015, I graduated from the Bronx High School of Science, located in New York City. In my first semester I received a 4.00 GPA and I ended my second semester as a member of RIT's Honors Program with a 3.82 GPA. My mother is distraught over his third betrayal, my siblings are too young to understand the entire situation, and my own efforts have turned to my peers and the community at large to ask for help. I am in need of your help. Right now, I am composing this petition to show my university how much of a devoted member of the community I am: I am the Public Relations Officer and Webmaster for International House, a special interest house that receives many new international students. There, elected members are responsible for making the environment a welcoming place, along with the Resident Adviser, for new students who may not be accustomed to America. These are unpaid positions that we take on in addition to our school work. I am currently spending the summer fulfilling co-op requirements two years early, while I pay the bills, by working a full-time 40-hour work week in an occupation related to my major. I am the Community Representative at Large for RIT Mental Graffiti, a slam poetry and performance club. They are closely affiliated with RIT's CUPSI team, where members of the team are often members of the club, every year. I am a member of the Honors Program and was in the process of organizing a convention for underrepresented students on campus, before familial obligations rose at an inopportune time. The Rochester Institute of Technology was my first choice school and I love giving services to the community. I wish to continue my education and do my best to expand services for those who aren't represented or may lose out on certain opportunities.  In addition to signing this petition, you can help support my family: Please email your messages of support to: Please share this petition with your friends, family, and co-workers.  Please visit our GoFundMe campaign in order to see what we're in financial need of, aside of my tuition. My family tries to be as transparent as possible in everything that we do. (The Effendi Family Support Fund) If you are a member of the Rochester Institute of Technology, in addition to signing this petition, you should be able to email your officials on campus asking them to look into this matter. No matter what your stance is, please share this. I am eternally grateful for everything that you can do in order to help my family.Thank you so much for helping my family in their time of need.

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