Build Gender Neutral Washrooms. A Community Effort To Create A More Inclusive Society

Build Gender Neutral Washrooms. A Community Effort To Create A More Inclusive Society

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Started by Lemme Be

Public washrooms, the basic amenities for every human being are majorly divided into men’s and women’s; a segregation that a majority of the population is comfortable with. However, for a member of the LGBTQIA+ community with different gender identities, each visit to the public washroom is a reminder that their gender “doesn’t fit” in the society and triggers gender dysphoria- a feeling of unease and distress caused by the mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. 

The idea of going to the toilet when you want to and exiting with a feeling of relief is a given for cis-gendered people. But meeting this basic human need is completely different for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Paras, a transgender man, whose story is just one of the narratives from the ever-growing transgender community of 4.88 lakhs in India, stresses the importance of gender-neutral washrooms. When they left an abusive home at a young age, public washrooms were their refuge for personal hygiene. But these washrooms which are separated as men’s and women’s were a constant reminder of how there’s still not a space for people with different gender identities. In their travels, Paras had to justify their entry to a women’s toilet at an airport by showing their Aadhar card. In another instance, when they felt comfortable in a men’s washroom, the inadequate infrastructure made it difficult and uncomfortable for them to menstruate.

While the idea of transgenders who menstruate is alien in our society, what adds to the community’s struggles is a lack of acceptance in public washrooms and a lack of proper infrastructure. Generally, the men’s washroom is dominated by urinals and the few stalls that exist, lack of toilet paper or dustbins to discard period products which makes it impossible for the trans community to menstruate privately and with dignity. We (on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community) aren't asking for a washroom for the “third'' gender but a third, gender-neutral washroom that is all-inclusive. 

We at Lemme Be believe that while gender-neutral washrooms should be added in all public spaces, for now change can start small and create a louder impact. We urge restaurant and hospitality chains like The Lalit, Madeira & Mime, Smoke House Deli, Socials and The National Restaurant Association of India who already welcome the LGBTQIA+ community to now offer a third, gender-neutral washroom in their premises and create a safe haven for them to access personal hygiene with privacy, safety and dignity.

Sign the petition initiated by Lemme Be, a young menstruator's period care brand which urges public institutions to build gender-neutral washrooms in public spaces. 

It’s time we create an inclusive space where each member of the community can say #LemmeRiseWithPride. Sign the petition now!

9,533 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!