Re- exam of ISRO

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I think we engineers are cursed by someone...
We all have to again and again fight for our rights..After that BSNL comes up ISRO.
Guyz i know all of us have really worked vry hard are vry dissapointed right now..but it is not our mistake..Many things that have occured this time cant be neglected.and we have to stand together for our justice.

1.Question paper seal was broken..what about the paper privacy??
2. In the question paper itself 5-6 questions were not having the correct answers..and the mosi imp thing is they all were easy.
We all atleast gave our 10 minutes for these questions..which is a lot of time for a 90 minutes paper.. and that too when includes bubbling,we get only 80 minutes to solve.

3. It was not over ,now after the ans key is been no consideration for wrong ques are done..and to add more to the key is having 4-5 answers wrong ..

In general we r loosing at least 8-10 questions and all of them were easy ,making us able to fetch approx 30 marks..
4.after that due to negative marking we are really losing additional 5-6 marks.
That is in short ,most of us are loosing around 30 -35 marks..
A person who is getting 80-85 would have surely got above 120 ..previous yr cutoff...
and not to forget the time that was wasted..
I completely agree with all of u.that no evaluation can be done with this kind of paper..

Guyz i request you all to pls mail them, file petiotions,tweet as much as you can for your own right ..and so that this thing should never be repeated..