I Hemir Desai wants the fundamental rights of my Child which is deprived by my wife??

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I Hemir Desai had separated from my wife and she is not allowing to meet my child since last 3 yrs and not allowing to talk on phone also?? I have already file the case for the same but since last 3 yrs I have not got interim visiting rights also?? I Met my child in school in front of principal and he wishes to meet me and wants to spend time with me. He has also accepted that his mother is teaching him that his father is bad person n forget him. My wife doesnt have any custody document or visiting rights documents from the court then too she is not allowing me to meet? My wife mother also claim that its their own right to decide about child future I being father doesnt have any right? My wife is very rich n being women she is taking full advantage of law which favors womens? She threaten me to kill me n uses abuse languages?? Court has done argument as well as counselling then too court is delaying the judgement on visiting hours which is my fundamental rights?? My son has not given any statement against me in the court as well as out of court also?? My question is if this case would have been reverse then would court had taken so much amount of time to give visiting rights to women?? Today since December there is no Judge in Family court of Surat n I got report that Judge is on leave or he has retired?? But then why another Judge is not being appointed where visiting rights of child cases are pending , maintainence cases are pending ?? Is this new India?? where child fundamental rights are being deprived and still court is not being serious and for Salman Khan court opens till night and get bail in 2 hours??? Is there anywhere written in law book or in any Granth that mother love and affection is more than father and father love n feelings doesnt have any value??? Law should be very simple that if father (Other Parent) doesnt have any criminal record nor first parent have any documents from the court then how can first parent stop or doesnt allow to meet the child?? Where as child doesnt have any complain? My case in Surat Family Court is still pending n Judge is enjoying his family time but what about case of family which is pending n he has to dispose those cases?? Here the Child life is being ruined?   Who is reponsible for all these things?? No one is answerable ?? Oh Darling This is New India????