I support 'Unveiling St. Thomas'

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'Unveiling St. Thomas' is a project that is geared towards highlighting the goodness of the parish of St. Thomas. For years we have been exposed to the indisputable shortcomings of the parish through various media to the point that it has been dubbed as “Forgotten” however, this project aims at projecting the unpopular view that St. Thomas is indeed extremely beautiful and exceptionally resourceful. From the people’s culture to its natural resources, everything that makes up the parish of St. Thomas makes it unique.

As citizens of this country and residents of the parish of St. Thomas, it is our duty to contribute to the building and uplifting of our nation in the ways we know how. Unveiling St. Thomas will take the form of a film and photography presentation of the exquisiteness unique only to this parish.

The aim of this project is to educate the local and international community, facilitate sustainable community development and tourism, integrating ideas while still endorsing the undeniable beauty of the parish of St. Thomas.

This petition serves as an invitation to be on board with the vision of the Unveiling St. Thomas project in moving St. Thomas forward and by extension Jamaica.