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Petitioning Member of Parliament Robert Halfon MP

I support equal marriage for same sex couples

The current Government’s has proposed to allow same sex marriage, including important measures to change the law so that individuals can legally change their gender while remaining married, an opt-in for religious institutions who wish to perform same sex marriages and protection from legal challenge for those religious institutions who do not.

Harlow constituency's MP, Robert Halfon, recently voted against this proposed legislation at it's second reading. He will have to vote again at it's third reading in the House of Commons. We need him to vote for the LGBT people of Harlow and vote in favour.

We need him to stand up for the LGBT community of Harlow, helping them to achieve full equality and freedom from discrimination in any form, and support the current legislation proposal for same sex marriages.


Letter to
Member of Parliament Robert Halfon MP
I've just signed the following petition addressed to: Robert Halfon MP


I urge you to support same sex marriage when a Bill is brought before Parliament.

I implore you to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community of Harlow to achieve full equality and freedom from discrimination in any form.