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I Support Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane

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To the Members of the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board (and the Representatives of Pennsylvania),

Today, we the people of Pennsylvania, are collectively calling on you, the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board, to step aside and permit the judicial system to play out in the legal case surrounding Attorney General Kathleen Kane. By calling on you to step aside in the matter, we are ultimately requesting for you to grant Attorney General Kathleen Kane her right to a fair trial before making any motion to remove her from her elected position. If you remove Kathleen Kane from the AG position, you are violating her constitutional right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and more importantly, you will be nullifying over 3 million votes that were cast in her favor in 2012

We, the people of Pennsylvania, spoke loud and clear on November 6, 2012 during the Attorney General election. We voted for the person that we, the citizens of Pennsylvania, wanted to be in charge of our more prestigious level of law enforcement. We wanted a non-politician who was ethical, intelligent, a fighter, an outsider of the political world, an ambassador for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a leader, and most importantly, someone passionate about cleaning up our state. Kathleen Kane was the candidate that we, the citizens of Pennsylvania, overwhelmingly chose as the person we wanted to fulfill those roles. In fact, 3.1 million of us chose her to fulfill the role as our Attorney General. She received more votes in Pennsylvania than President Barack Obama that year because we believed in her and we still do. To suspend Ms. Kane's license and therefore nullify votes would be an injustice to the citizens of Pennsylvania who ventured out to the polls that election day to support someone we truly believed in.  We the citizens of Pennsylvania choose our elected officials, the Supreme Court does not.

Kathleen Kane has been an incredible asset to the state of Pennsylvania and has never once lost focus of her main goal; making the streets of PA safer. In her short tenure, she has protected our children by making nearly 300 child predator arrests which is up almost 800% since she took office. She has helped keep drugs off the streets with nearly 3,000 drug arrests which is up almost 40% since she took office. She created a multi-state task force to combat the Commonwealth’s heroin trafficking. She has rolled out one of the first mobile crime fighting units in the country which has been so effective that other states are following her lead by doing the same. She has fought to return tens of millions of dollars to Pennsylvania consumers that have been either taken advantage of or have fallen victim to false advertising. In July of 2013, Kathleen Kane was one of the first AG’s in the country who made the tough, but very ethical and cost-efficient decision not to defend Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban calling it “wholly unconstitutional”. The entire United States of America has since agreed with her belief that the ban was unconstitutional and thus gay marriage has been outright legalized in every single state. These facts are just a sample of the incredible work that she has done on behalf of PA. She has been and still is dedicated to our state law enforcement and she has inspired Pennsylvania citizens to get involved and make a difference within our own communities. For all of this, we are beyond thankful to her and whole heartedly continue to support her.

Again, we, the hardworking and dedicated citizens of Pennsylvania, are calling on the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board to step aside in the matter facing Attorney General Kathleen Kane and allow the courts judicial system to play out. The judicial system was implemented for the purpose of permitting all Americans to exercise their right to a fair trial and to be presumed as innocent until proven guilty. Each signature on this petition represents a citizen of Pennsylvania that requests for the Supreme Court to step aside in the matter. We want the judicial system to be fully utilized in this case, we want to grant Attorney General Kathleen Kane her right to the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, and most importantly, we do not want our 3.1 million votes for Kathleen Kane to be nullified by the Supreme Court. It is our right to elect our officials and we ask that you respect that by stepping aside and allowing Kathleen Kane her right to due process. The Pennsylvania citizens that are chosen to be part of the jury during this case will make the informed decision as to whether Ms. Kane is guilty or not. The decision they make will be on behalf of all Pennsylvania residents. Please allow us that opportunity. Thank you. 

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