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Lower Breast Cancer Screening Age to 30 and Offer MRI in Medicare and Medicaid

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. Each year it is estimated that over 246,660 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. One out of eight women develop breast cancer in their lives, this means one out of eight women in your life will be affected by this disease. The struggle against breast cancer for low income women is made all the more difficult because of their lack of access to proper and timely healthcare and inability to get tested at early stages.

Our goal with this petition is to lower the age of screening for low income women to age 30 and offer more advanced forms of screening services such as an MRI  and gene testing.

Join us by signing this petition to demand legislation dismantling the current  barriers for low income women trying to access healthcare. If we do not take a stand today, millions of women will continue to develop undetected breast cancer before meeting the age requirement to get tested under Medicare or Medicaid.

The legislative changes we seek in the current healthcare system for low income women are as follows:

Provide women younger than 40 with alternative and early screening options such as an MRI and gene testing, neither if which is currently covered as a form of early breast cancer screening by Medicare or Medicaid.  

Mammograms cannot provide a full image for younger women with dense breasts, because of which millions of women are not being diagnosed at the right time. Both Medicare and Medicaid state that mammograms for at risk women under 40 years old must be deemed medically necessary and can only be performed by certain hospital locations under certain doctors, thus creating the perfect storm of delay in diagnosis. Low income women are thus forced to wait for screenings, surgeries, and appointments simply because of inept insurance policies.

In the example of Jessy Kaur, a low income single mother of three children, Medicaid delayed her necessary breast surgery for five months. The documentary “I Stand With Jessy” outlines this issue as well as the issue of early detection.

We stand together against the life threatening delays and inconvenience that Medicaid and Medicare pose. Join us  today by signing this petition. Together we can be a voice so loud that even the big insurance lobbies  cannot silence. We owe it to the the women that have been overlooked by our healthcare system for years.

A documentary by filmmaker Ravjot Mehek Singh titled "I Stand With Jessy" is coming soon that follows the process to change Medicare and Medicaid. Please watch to see Jessy's full story with her battle against Medicaid here:

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