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I stand against racism in Chinese and Asian American communities

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When racist incidents occur, Chinese and Asian American organizations committed to standing for social justice must make their voices heard.

In February 2018, the Sacramento Bee published a story highlighting a science project designed by a Chinese American student at McClatchy High School in Sacramento.  

The project, "Race and IQ," relied on debunked racist literature. Despite the racist assumptions underlying the hypothesis, the project stated that "the lower IQs of blacks, Southeast Asians, and nonwhite Hispanics means that they are not as likely as non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians to be accepted into academically rigorous programs...." 

The project concluded that racial inequalities are justified based on racial differences in intelligence.  

The science fair project was designed by a young person who may still be learning about the long history of racism in this nation, including anti-Asian laws and policies.  We must ask how the larger family, community and educational environment impacts and informs students like the author of this project.  This is a moment for learning and reflection. The story received national and international coverage, but none of these news stories featured Chinese American voices. We view this as a missed opportunity to confront racism within our own Chinese and Asian American communities.

We, the undersigned -- representing members of your Chinese American constituencies and others -- stand against racism and call on you as leaders of the Chinese American  in the United States to make a public statement challenging racism in all its forms against and within the Chinese and Asian American communities.  Chinese and Asian American organizations cannot stand by as racist ideas propagate among younger generations and poison larger policy debates over educational access, immigration, and criminal justice reforms. 

We call on our Chinese American organizations and the larger Chinese community to stand up against wedge politics and racism within our communities today and every day.