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Shut Off Fox News - Now!

Fox News Channels and Media outlet(s) is a joke? Pledge to Shut Off Fox News if you feel that Fox News Headlines are disturbing, grossly incorrect, and misleading news that caters to the GOP, feeding the monkey - the conservative base with more falsehoods regarding the Political talking points of the day! Fox News should be changed to GOP TV News Corp - it would be the true nature of Fox!


I challenge Fox New (GOP TV) to stop taking in revenue for a year and stop spending within that challenge for a year and see if your company can survive! We the public will help; we will boycott subscribing, watching, and buying anything associated with Fox for that time! You will eventually start lay-off your employees just like you want the Government to do by not increase taxes to raise revenue to offset spending cuts.

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  • I Pledge to Vote to Stop Watching Fox News

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