I pledge to support Serbian Animals Voice and Balkans Animal Suffering

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Today, 1st January 2010, sees the introduction of our new sister site which has been in the planning for a while now.

Largely aimed at being an information and photographic site, with links to all past SAV (Serbian Animals Voice) issues and campaigns, you will find many new photographs held on SAV archives but which are previously unpublished.  We have even more still in our database; possibly these will be added at a later date.

This is simply the start of the new site which is called ‘Balkans Animal Suffering' (BAS).

We start with Serbia, but over the coming months will be producing other categories along the same lines which cover other Balkans states such as Macedonia.

The aim is for the two sites, SAV and BAS to be used in conjunction with each other - SAV will continue to publish global animal welfare issues in addition to those in the Balkans, whilst BAS will solely be an archive and direct link source to campaigns and data originally detailed on SAV.  As declared, there will be a selection of new previously unpublished photographs in some of the posts.

Please give us time to get all this up and running correctly; there is a lot of work for a very small team and so things will gradually appear over the months rather than all being published on the first day.

SAV will continue to be updated also whenever time and manpower allows.

Enjoy finding your way around the ‘Balkans Animal Suffering' site; if it was a perfect world full of people who respect and care for animals then there would be no need for ANY of this to be done; but a perfect world it is not and animal suffering happens everywhere.  The aim of BAS is to show the situation in the Balkans with the hope that Balkans governments will change their attitude to animal suffering and adopt better welfare policies and legislation, especially for the reduction of stray and roaming animals.

Regards SAV

Visit BAS by clicking on the following link:


About SAV

"Serbian Animals Voice" (SAV) alliance is a completely volunteer run organisation which campaigns for the better treatment of all animals within the Balkans states; especially on behalf of stray / roaming street animals.  SAV is a completely non-violent organisation which undertakes all of its campaigning through information networking and the written word.  SAV has a worldwide supporter network, which can be viewed at


All work undertaken by SAV campaigners is done on a purerly voluntary basis because of their respect for life for all animal species.  No financial benefits or incentives are given to any person undertaking work for the SAV Team.

The aim of SAV is to work with Balkan state animal welfare organisations in order to achieve the enforcement of currently existing national legislation for stray and all animals throughout the Balkans states by both government and regional/local authorities, a policy which is currently not happening in the main.  Implementation of, and adhesion to national legislation is a prime requirement which has to be shown to be enforced by any future states requiring accession (membership) of the European Union (EU).  SAV has regular liaison with the European Union Parliament Animal Welfare Eurogroup and every MEP throughout the union to inform them of the situation for stray animals within the Balkans. 


We are also on Facebook. Group:

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