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We the consumers are making this pledge because many previous petitions have not drawn  enough  of your attention to this serious issue.
By refusing to buy  and eat animals, poultry and their products  from  a grossly unjust  and abusive industry-the factory farm.
The USDA has not done it's job in regulating and inspecting these farms and thus many people have become sick and died. The animals and poultry have been and are abused by the following: beatings,improper stunning,rapes, dissection while still alive, boiling while still alive  and ground up alive as in baby male chicks for the egg industry.
 We the consumers believe that no living creature which feels pain deserves to be raised in cramped filthy conditions and forced bred to feed the massive population of humans.
We the consumer do not want  to eat animals that have been given antibiotics when not sick simply because it will save more of them for money profit and greed of the industry.
We the consumer demand your attention to this serious issue.

Letter to
The President of the United States
Dear President Obama.
I am very concerned about the treatment of animals in agriculture today. Most ly factory farms.
My concern is the horrible abuses that occur in the farms themselves and at the slaughterhouses.
Animals feel pain and to not be able to speak for themselves I and all of the undersigned are speaking for them by refusing to eat any animal products meat,dairy,poultry and eggs that are raised in these industrial farms.
Many other petitions and pleas have been sent in the past and this is no different except by signing this pledge we have committed to boycott the factory farming industry. Hurting them in the wallet seems to be the only way to get attention on this and shut down these farms for good.
Many have compared these farms to the holocaust !! They are indeed horrible for any living being.
I ask you to please look into this for yourself do not believe the lies they tell. Send in secret investigators with camera's. You will see for yourself what is wrong. Please the animals need your help desperately!!
Thank you for your time and consideration on this.
Tierney Grinavic

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