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I Pledge to Care for, Share & Enrich my own Culture as well as Care for & Understand Your Culture

Blossom's Cultural Education 4 Kids program is set to begin its 3rd year of bringing awareness about various cultures and getting youth in the public school system to talk about their own cultures this upcoming September. 

The book Sitti's Secrets written by Naomi Shihab Nye will be gifted to more than 300 children attending 3rd grade this school year.  Along with the book each student will receive a reading of the book and participate in a teaching lesson that discusses the importance of culture to our ability to understand and care about others.  Children will also participate in a service learning project and write a letter to President Obama as the main character of Sitti's Secrets writes a letter to the President in the book.  Like the main character, students will ask President Obama to support and care about something the student believes is important to the world and our nation.

In the spirit of Blossom's Cultural Education 4 Kids program we are asking that you pledge to care for, share with others and enrich your own culture as well as learn about and understand the cultures of those around you.  Together, with understanding and care for our different cultures, we create a more beautiful and detailed world.

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