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I petition everyone: To live our best, most healthy, happy, fulfilled life !

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   Sign this as a contract to yourself to live your best, most healthy, happy life !!

My mission: Is to have as many people as possible make the commitment to realize they are WORTH living their best, most healthy, happy life. Not only are we worth this, we CAN achieve this, gimmick free with hard work, dedication, determination and passion. I want to inspire change from the inside out, not only with how we look in the mirror but with how we feel as people, all traveling this road called life together.
I share as much motivation and inspiration as I can daily via social media, I share my own health journey to date ( having lost close to 80 lbs ) and I share my daily journey as I continue on this path for life. As I continue to do this, I have realized there is real power in unity and knowing we are not alone in our feelings and struggles. It meas the world to me, to help inspire positive, healthy change in our lives because I know first hand how making the needed changes in our lives, allows us to live dreams and goals we never imagined possible - I want EVERYONE to experience this.
Eating healthy and exercising is so important but my petition is to have more people commit to " wellness " all of wellness, which includes emotions on the inside, as emotions are too often left out of the equation of many life long changes and this emotional work helped save my life so I see the value in this...I also like to talk about gratitude, kindness, generosity, all things that make us feel good inside - The importance of living a life of having a glass always half full and not empty.

WHY is this important ? Because together, we make up this beautiful world, how we go out in our world effects the world, and when we are living happy, healthy, fulfilled grateful lives WE are able to help inspire positive change in this world that we all share as our home. It's important because every person matters and ever person deserves to feel well, happy, loved, respected, acknowledged and this begins with feeling this within first.

I am passionate about making a shift here and I hope you join me in inviting others into this petition for us ALL to live our best most healthy life.

Please come to on facebook and share your commitment to yourself on my page !

In much gratitude and love,
Sara Bown xo

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