I need to see my wife in ICU

I need to see my wife in ICU

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Started by Tim Beheler

I was married to Rebecca Carpenter on March 21, 2022 at Thrive Worship Center in Vienna WV.  We didnt sign a marraige license because we both lacked the proper paperwork to get it done (birth certificates, social security cards).  We had an ordained Pastor and a witness at the ceremony.  Now for the dirty stuff.


We met in a rehab program last year and from the first time we spoke, there was a connection there that was very deep and we both felt it.  After we both graduated and left our sober living facilities we immediately started dating and we were attending meetings and church regularly.  We had a love that was undeniable to everyone who saw us.  Eventually we both had a relapse and fell back into drugs.  We both had a hard time holding down jobs.  We both still had mental illness issues we were fighting also.  We both went off our pshyc meds. 


Regardless of all this, we still loved each other very much and after talking about it for a month, we decided to get married at the church where i was formerly a recovery ministry student.  As the next few weeks continued, our drug use intensified.  The constant quarrelling with each other, the intense make ups and everything that went along with it.  On April 16th I confronted my wife with suspicions and we had a huge fight.  I slept on the couch that night...remember we were both getting high.  I woke up Easter Sunday aropund 930 AM.  I went upstairs to find my overdosed and i immediately started CPR.  I got her revived and in some clean clothes.  She reached for more drugs and i snatched them and flushed them.  This sent her into a fury...she doesnt remember this.  Eventually after the cops were called, we got her into bed and she slept all day.  Me being worried, I sate in a chair in the corner of our bedroom just watching my  beautiful wife to ensure she kept breathing.  She woke up, we made up and we vowed that moment to change our lifestyle.  The next day she was having a really hard time breathing so we went to the ER in Belpre OH.  They transferred to Marietta Memorial in Marietta OH.  On April 19th, I arrived at her hospital prepared to stay as long as I had to.  Eventually the discussion turned to what happened and i learned some things that i really didnt want to hear.  I left her in the hospital and went back home.  She seemed like she was fine enough and i thought she would be out in a day or two.  Was i ever so wrong.  I soon learned that she was detreriorating quickly.  I  talked with her a couple of times and understandably, she was hurt by my actions.  After a few more calls, we decided that treatment was the best option for both of us.  She was already in the hospital getting help and I checked myself in to St Joes in Parkersburg WV for detox.  The last time I spoke with her was April 26th, while i was in detox.  She had just had surgery on her lungs to remove the infection that was found.  We discussed getting our apartment cleaned, the possibility of us having a future and seeing each other again when my treatment was over.  While I was away she got out of the hospital and was immediately checked back in because she couldnt breathe.  Fast forward to May 6th, I returned home without knowledge of where she was or if she was even alive.  I found out that she flatlined on May 6th and she is in ICU.  As far as i know she is on a ventilator and her family has blocked me from seeing her.  


Today is May 8th and I am out of options which why I am reaching out for public support.  All I want is 10 minutes with her in case she doesnt make it.  She is my wife and I and her husband.  We do love each other.  I know she has been secretly checking in on me through some of social media profiles.  Obviously she still wants to see me.  I dont have any more information to give at this moment.  


My plan is to start this petition, maybe a GoFundMe and go stand outside the hospital with a sign until Im either arrested or they let me see her.  My hopes are that I can get enough support publicly in order to draw attention to this.  Please help me see my wife.


I can be contacted through my Facebook messanger Tim Beheler Jr., or on my phone 434-279-2342.  I need very limited resources.  A person to watch my dog, maybe some food and thats it.  I have $12 to my name right now and enough gas for a trip...maybe 2 back and forth.  


I know we both made mistakes and we are now paying for them, but everyone deserves a chance at redemption.  Please help me raise awareness and possibly have a chance to speak with my wife.

193 have signed. Let’s get to 200!