I need justice for loss of my hard earned money

I need justice for loss of my hard earned money

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Started by David Eisen

During #lockdown 19 march 2020  lady From #DemocraticRepublicofCongo was staying under our shelter Red crown hotel, Mahipalpur, Delhi she checked in at night 3:00 AM  Also, she has one sister and 2 children. We helped much from our side after being nice. But when we ask for money which is pending amount of 92,598/- used She give reason talks in a loud rude voice say thing words
"The whole world is lockdown due to corona why don't you understand Indian people's ".

After this my boss asked me solutions So here by I took on responsibility of her payment.

This Congolese lady whenever her money gets over for buy food from outside her elder sister Always request us asking from us saying this words I am Giving you words "I will not cheat you" or don't worry I will not dicth you "My father is a big businessman in #Kinshasa", "I AM giving you money right you give me food& money". "I am #Christian  #African we believe in Jesus we don't cheat anyone". "I will pay you a small amount" I am just waiting my country get unlocked, My husband working in France we're waiting for his salary even if she give Reason, "My country, doesn't allow transfer more than 20000/- INR per month" borrowed money from our staff. When her amount increase crossed limit's we took on writing In case if she fails to pay you can take legal action against us. After she read the statement then she signed On 26 June 2020, she failed  left our place also kept word I will come and pay a small amount. After trying to reach her she ignores to talk with us giving cheap threat's( I will bring all African community people's beat you up) don't harss me( I call her once in month) I will come and pay Money. Even she accused and abused me me over what's app call. Also we try to talk this with embassy they're not supporting us even the police of Delhi twice denied filing an FIR against her. Cops were saying we are not agents ( Vasanth Kunj police station time 19:12 15 October 2020) and this is a court matter said Rudly ( 17 October 2020 14:25). Now I am helpless, lost 4 months salary also savings amount is 39529(hotel bill)+4690(personally took from me cash) + 85000( unemployed for 5 months since she cheated me) she scammed me the amount of 1,29,129/-  by showing sympathy and create the scenario of her children..... now after being nice she cheated now I don't have money to survive don't have job. Due to Corona 2 wave I'm totally down fallen. 

This Congo lady always said lies.

1) I have Bank details we settled amount with Arun Rawat and Sanjeet Singh.
2) We spoken to your boss no money left from our side.
3) I'm lawyer go ahead do whatever you want.

From my side statement is

1) If she Seattled money how come my money deducted from salary. Why amount is pending on bill 39,198.
2) After I believed on her words and gave statement on writing I took responsibility for her.
3) If she paid all Money why didn't she took in written from our side Clear declaration statement.
4) Whenever I try to ask money I don't have your money. If she doesn't have money how can she afford for clothes and buy food from KFC other branded outlets.


tell me who is right and wrong.  After respecting and helping a lady to African people this is what she has done to me. Now I lost my patience & control last 9 months I'm hunting her.  And I #helped her as a Humanity I never expect anything in return. My simple words are when don't have the capacity to pay money She should not make commitments. But tifa
1. My Father is very rich in my country & a businessman.
2.  I will pay in installment with a small amount.
3. Whenever she has money in her pocket is to orders food from Zomato & swiggy. When money gets over she comes and asks for help from me. Using these words " I am giving you money right try to understand my situation now I beg you".

Scene 2
When I call their Embassy of Congo in India person talks with me rudely saying Embassy is closed. Even I have dropped so many emails not even they have replied to me single mail. I have evidence request you I need justice and equality rights. 

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!