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I’m the CEO of Canadian oil giant TransCanada and I need you to speak out against American environmentalists’ dirty politics

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As the head of a foreign-based oil company I can tell you one thing: the best way for my company to maximize its profits is to ship our tar sands oil through the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The heavy crude will travel over sensitive lands in the Midwest and down to the Gulf Coast -- where it can get refined and shipped as a cheap source of energy to China and other economic competitors of the U.S. This will then help China dump cheap goods into the American market and take even more jobs overseas. 

It is really a win-win: a win for TransCanada's bottom-line and a win for China to get cheap energy.

But this will only happen if you take action to stop a group of American environmentalists in Massachusetts who are trying to mess up everything we’ve worked so hard for.

I have never seen anything like it: a well-funded campaign that takes on the oil industry and calls our bluff by having the audacity to point out the fact that our oil in fact is not staying in the U.S. but going to China.

In their latest stunt to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and American jobs they have posted a video claiming to be from me and a few of my buddies in the oil industry endorsing Steve Lynch for Senate.

Big oil is spending millions on lobbyists and contributions to guys like Massachusetts Rep. Steve Lynch who have the courage to buck their party and support a Canadian oil company over their own state's interests. But, we don’t want the American public to know about it. 

That’s why we need your help: tell these American environmentalists to stop their dirty tricks and take down this video.

You know you can trust us. 

We’re the guys who declare some of the biggest profits in the history of capitalism and then get billions in subsidies from Congress. We’re the oil industry!You should trust us when we say that the Keystone XL pipeline will be the safest crude oil pipeline built in America. You don’t need to worry about the 12 spills we had in 2011 or that our leak detection system doesn’t really work.

You should trust us when we tell you about all the jobs that will be created by the pipeline, even when our own experts say that only 35 permanent jobs will come from the project - not a one, however, is based in Massachusetts.

You should trust us when our politicians like Steve Lynch refuse to release documents showing how often we meet or what we discuss. After all, we have the right to freedom of speech behind closed doors! 

So please: help us stop this really annoying campaign that’s trying to make sure one of Big Oil’s strongest allies won’t have the opportunity to champion our cause or the Keystone XL pipeline in the Senate. 

What they’re doing might work. But, not if we don’t let it. 

Demand environmentalists stop their dirty tricks and sign my petition asking them take down a fake video that shows me and a few of my good oil industry friends endorsing Steve Lynch. 

This petition is brought to you by Big Oil and the April Fool’s Association of America.


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