Stop them from making DC a 2nd Charlottesville VA incident!

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The same organizer (jason kessler) responsible organizing the "unite the right" rally in Charlottesville VA last year has been approved by the National Park Service to have an anniversary rally in Washington DC on August 11 & 12th named (white civil rights) rally! One person died and multiple Americans were injured through violence during the first rally in VA. Charlottesville has already denied the application citing public safety but NPS has approved the same application for some reason! This has to be stopped before they turn Washington DC into another Charlottesville event. Nobody wants this event in our city. Since the NPS obviously doesn't care about the safety of the citizens in Washington DC, it's our job to stop this before it gets here. Please help me by signing this petition, getting the word out and making the phone calls needed to end this before our city is turned into Charlottesville part 2!! I've attached a link so you can see the Story and Approved Application !! Help me to End this now! Here is the link to the National Park Service Facebook Page Let them know how you feel!