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lets not reapet history stop slavely Libya its 2017.

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Hello my name is Rebecca Gatambiye. I’m a young Black women , born in Congo, grew up in Rwanda and currently living in Perth West Australia at the moment. I am 21 years of age. Growing up I got told stories about how back In the days black people were slaves . How it took many more years to free themselves and how so many people lost their lives. There for, seeing Libya intending on reapiting the exact same thing! really frustrating me.  And the sad part is that ,the World leaders know about this & remain silent. Slavery and human trafficking have been present in Libya for years. This has been going for quite some time.We now have enough evidence, there’s videos of people dying every but  watch you see how everyone is so clam like there’s nothing happening,  please do show mercy we all bleed red. Seeing our fellow African brother and sister being treated like cattle, and being sold as slave as we speak yet at this modern day. I guess we as human beings haven't yet learn from our pasted mistakes, history is repeating it self agian, SHAME!!!...there are few greater violations of human rights and human dignity than this. SHOW MERCY IT ALL SART WITH YOU. 

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