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I just became a Vegetarian!

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If you´ve just become a vegetarian or are really thinking about it, join me here!

Let´s try bringing more people into this healthy and humane life style.

I used to be a meat lover (till last week), but then I decided I would stop being a hypocrite. I absolutely loved animals, and still, I loved eating them too. It just sounded too... sick an attitude. So I stopped.

I became a vegetarian on the 5th of July, 2009. This is my first animal friendly week and I feel great. Haven´t missed the meat, as I thought I would. Let´s see how it goes from now on.

Join me! Let´s try becoming vegetarian together!

I think respect for living beings and for nature is utmost important in our efforts to become a humane species. In the future, our grandchildren will look at our uncivilized society through history books and ask themselves: How could they be so barbaric? How could they have all the means to substitute meat and still butcher animals for food?

I want to stand before my grandchildren and say: I wasn´t. I stood up against it. I protected life. I treated each living animal as sentient, emotional beings and refused to eat them.

And they will smile proudly at me. And I will feel great.

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