Im doing life ! Why isnt he ? For as long as i live, i will never forget!

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Im a victim as so many more victims are out there. Victims of physical and sexual abuse. those people who commit such atrocious acts against a fellow humans get next to nothing for time. i.e. , incarceration. ive seen suspended sentences handed down by a judge in a court room to  a pedophile who just pleaded guilty for sexual abuse to children not one two or three children but multiple children, and on multiple occasions, time and time again. sometimes even the same individual. what is wrong with the Canadian justice system. why such bull shit sentences handed down to these pieces of shits called human beings. why? Im forced to remember what this man did to me, i will never forget. Counselors tried to get me to forgive so i could move on. but no matter what i will never forgive or forget why should he be aloud?  i recommend automatic life sentences for pedophiles . You should to. we all should what if it was your child?