snow day for schools in calgary

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it’s very dangerous to drive or take buses to school in this weather. some people have to walk and it’s very cold and it’ll be hard for them to get to school. there could be an increase in car accidents and people could get run over going to school etc. there is a lot of reasons why we should have a snow day in calgary. we haven’t had one in a long time and the weather is getting extremely cold and dangerous so we should get one now. we should get a snow day because it’ll be safer for students and other people who are going to be driving in this weather. a lot of students haven’t been getting sleep so a snow day would also be good for students health so they get the right amount of sleep. spending the day at home, doing something, can and will improve health and happiness. it’s an opportunity to spend time with family and have a good meal and catch up on stuff. a snow day would benefit everyone in a lot of good ways. we should get one in calgary so students have a better chance of not getting in accidents. they wouldn’t have to go out in a dangerous environment and have the risk of ending up in the hospital. a snow day would benefit everyone and i believe that we deserve it and we will be safer and healthier because of it.