End the use of barn raised chickens in the Fast Food industry


Early in 2016 I went to visit one of our chicken farms, which was barn raised. I was blown away with the cruel conditions that the chickens were kept in.

While I was there, I asked to be taken to a free range chicken farm.  I was shocked at just how different it was. The free range farm was beautiful. The chickens were happy. They had room to move and to go outdoors. Their living conditions were so different to the barn raised chickens that I was actually emotionally torn by the experience.

I was ashamed that we were supporting barn raised chickens. And if I thought that if I felt like this…imagine what our guests would feel if they could see this difference.

As a father to two beautiful daughters, I felt the responsibility to make a change.  To support higher animal welfare and the world we live in. Don’t we all need to set an example for our children?

GYG is now serving 100% fresh unprocessed FREPA accredited free range chicken across all of our Taquerías nationally. We are currently the ONLY fast food food company to make this change.

We are challenging the fast food industry to join our path of responsible practices for the benefit of all our guests.  

If you want to help us in making the change, please sign our petition to “fix fast food”.

Steven Marks, Founder, Guzman y Gomez

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