For people like me to get a more funding in the area of education in TAFE.

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I believe the government really needs to look deeper into the areas people like me struggle with being on the pention. I struggle financially, i don't choose to be on the pention,  im on it because i need to be on it. There is a difference between want and need, there people out there looking and crying out for more access to educational funding,  at the moment im studding over in Tamworth. I need extra help in the class and out of the class, ive got learning disabilities from when i was a child growing up with Epilepsy. Thank God i don't have Epilepsy anymore, getting back to my point. We need more money in Australia in general, Pention or no pention our country is in debt. I want to live a a good life and learn as much as i can, but how can i do that without the funding on board for me to learn and get creditation to get employment? Dear Government pull your head in and take a good look at the people that are trying to make a better life with what we earn and try to achieve. Sorry if this seems rude, but i will say it how it is, some of us have fortnights where we just live off 2 minute noodles because our money has to go to fuel to travel for an education.