Meghan Markles clothes expense to the UK taxpayer.

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I am not against the Royal Family and love The Queen I am dismayed at the money that Meghan Markle is spending. I thought they be helping people not spending it like water. There are families that have worked all their lives and still struggling. I would like a question to be asked and answered in Parliament as to her cost, please what is been funded from taxpayers money and what is coming from the RF which is still taxpayers money. Let’s make her expenses transparent.

I have noticed that newspapers are not allowed to report on the cost of her clothing anymore. The average person can’t afford to copy her outfits unlike The Cambridges that understands ordinary people and don’t rub BRF wealth in our faces. You can see Duchess of Cambridge  buy from Zara and British High Street brands. 

Duchess of Excess only wears and not well designer outfits on our money. £1million on maternity wear.