I want to file a petition against attack in Syria,

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I am a student, who is 24 years old, from last 3 years I was hearing and watching  news about attacks in Muslim countries. I am very much depressed about the latest attack in Syria, killing so many children, destroying their houses, and bombing on their houses, they lost everything, people are lacking treatment, people are dyeing because of hungry, they don't have proper shelter, they are very scared to stay in their own countries because of some groups fighting among them. I was thinking that if anyone can help them it would be great. but no one came forward to help and listen their problems, so I have decided to help them, and show the world that there is still humanity exists some where around the world. I saw posts in fb that so many people are depressed about things happening in Syria. but they are common people. the government is not in our hands. so I want to fight for the people in Syria, the only way I can reach to people is by filing petition, I want to file case against the people. who allowed this to happen, who is funding for them, how can they attack people in other countries, why no one is raising questions on this issue, why UNO is silent in this issues, and where is the human rights commission, I can bring a change definitely in this peoples life, if we build pressure on the military and the governments encouraging all these things, we need community to explain all these things happening in Syria, so may innocent people are losing their life's some became disabled, no education to them who can they live their life, who will give job to them to earn money for daily needs. they are going for shelter in other countries and living has refugees, with no proper identity, this has to change, we need to promise them that this wont happen again. by filing petition I can make a difference in their life's.  I think so many big people are behind this, this has a very much impact on the society, today it happened to Syria, tomorrow it may happened in our countries also, we are humans we need to support each other, they are  taking light because no one is questioning  them, but I will question them, I don't want to see this to happened in any other countries, I want people of Syria to live a happy life and normal life, they used to do earlier. this is for all kids who died in war. we need peace, no wars again we lost people, what we gained in this, nothing only dead bodies