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My name is Julie and I bought a 2012 Veloster, I treat it like my baby.  I recently took it on a vacation to the US. I spent 15 days of our 21 day holiday in Hyundai dealerships all thru California and Arizona.  The engine code indicated there was an issue with the fuel pump.  After a terrifying 16 hour drive, we reached our second destination.  We had the high pressure fuel pump replaced in Tustin CA.  We thought it was fixed, only to encounter the same issue over and over again.  Stalling repeatedly in the middle of the I-5, dodging 8 lanes of fast moving cars and trucks to reach the curbside, which posed a huge danger to our safety.

We had to limp into all of these dealerships; Stockton CA, Tustin CA, Temecula CA, Palm Springs CA, and finally Mesa AZ. We lost 15 days WAITING in hotels for someone to fix it. Fixing it didn't happen, we were told over and over they were confident it was fixed.  I questioned, HOW? when nothing was done to the car? Trying to deal with Canada Hyundai (they have to give each new dealership permission to even look at the car, let alone fix it) as it is still under warranty. I called Canada Hyundai, looking for some help, I was very upset with the run around we were experiencing, I was told to "leave a voicemail" and my call would be returned within 48 hours!! Meanwhile we are stuck in hotels that we never planned to be in.

Our final stop, San Tan Hyundai, after the car has been in the shop for 4 days, we are called and asked to come pick the car up.  Again, we are told they think it's fine... and they are confident we will be OK... only to drive less than 10 miles and it stalls, repeatedly, we literally DRAG it back to the dealership only to have it die in the service bay, and they can't restart it.

We are now once again forced to stay in a hotel. They finally figure it out.. it's the fuel pump in the gas tank that was broken, not the high pressure pump in the engine. Neither of the dealerships (Tustin or Mesa) had parts in stock, delaying us further. 

Hyundai Canada's response for our out of pocket expense waiting for them to fix our car... $300 under warranty with Roadside assistance, and a further "out of the kindness of their good hearts" another $300.00 leaving us out of pocket for the additional $$$ we had claimed.

I don't understand why they are penalizing me for being delayed thru no fault of my own?  I submitted a claim for my out of pocket expenses for our hotels only.  We were not provided with a rental car so we could continue to enjoy our stays, until the last day, when we dragged the car back to the dealership we just left.

This is not only about my car, and my experience, this is about every Hyundai car owner, who purchased a product based on the advertising, that they will treat our cars as if it were their own.  This is about big business ignoring us once we've signed the Bill of sale slip.  This is about big business being held accountable for a product that encounters issues that they cannot fix.

I feel this is important for ALL car owners, so you are aware of what the reality of purchasing a Hyundai vehicle really means.  

We work hard for our money, we spend thousands of dollars on a product believing we won't encounter this in a new car.  And if and when we do encounter this problem, we are led to believe we'll be taken care of.

I spent more money on a 3 year extended warranty, that is not even transferable when I sell this car.

When are big businesses going to realize that we the people, are angry, and we are not prepared to take it anymore?

Please help me hold Hyundai accountable to us the owners of their vehicles.  We have a voice, mine is only one, together we can make a change in how they respond and how they treat their customers.

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