Stop Hypixel From Banning Us Without Any Proof or Evidence!

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Every day, players get falsely banned, muted, and framed for something they didn't do, and staff ban these innocent players including me without any evidence or proof of what we did. That's not right.

Together, we can stand up, and show the Hypixel staff members that this isn't right. We deserve more than a copy and pasted message when you get denied from an appeal.

Even though Hypixel Staff Members get hundreds (maybe thousands) of appeals per day, we still deserve a better reasoning as to why we are banned.

I think that we all deserve proof as to what we did to get us punished, or else we should have our punishments lifted, and it being cleared from our record.

The Hypixel banning system is not acceptable, and we need to change that now.

Sign this petition. Change the way Hypixel bans are handled. Us players deserve the respect that staff deserve, too. We need justification.