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Update Turbo Kart Racers (And the other Classic Games)

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Out the almost 100k players on Hypixel every day, very few ever go into the classic lobby. Games like Arena Brawl never get more than 10 players at once, making it nearly impossible to ever play the game. Other games in the classic lobby have a few dozen maximum, but they don't usually break 100 players at once ever (Besides VampireZ).

TKR was always my favorite Hypixel game, replacing VampireZ as my #1 when it came out. I honestly didn't play it much because all my friends never wanted to queue for it with me. In my solo time, I did play it quite a bit though. I never really got good at snaking or learned how to properly use it, so I normally got second or third.

Then the "Classic Games" menu in the compass came out.

Just like that, Hypixel had essentially killed all it's classic games. TKR and other classic games were mainly just people coming from bedwars and skywars youtubers and wanting to try out the other games on the network (I would assume.) Then after they made it even more obscure and hard to find than it already was because the resource pack doesn't work for like, anyone I talk to, player rates dropped low.

Then you probably know what happened with the Classic Lobby. It kind of helped boost player rates but the menus are now harder for new players to navigate because of the lack of texture pack and it will just seem overwhelming to see such a big shop compared to most other games. Also, they got rid of the great lobby which made me pretty sad. This isn't the only game that I am sad had their parkour/lobby removed.

I don't know why TKR hasn't got a single ACTUAL (I don't mean bugfixes and minor stuff) content update since it came out. I don't know why TKR has been treated as a "classic game" and thrown under that category to make more room in their compass GUI. The only thing I can imagine is that they saw it wasn't popular because of the resource pack screwing most people over and kind of silently threw it away in an attempt to keep bedwars' and skywars' popularity rising. Heck, at this rate we may as well call Smash Heroes a classic game amiright?

I really enjoy this game.

Hypixel is making it hard for me to enjoy it, though. Its the same thing every time at this point, and my only goal is to get max parts because what else is there to do?

If this petition reaches it's goal, we will notify the admins that there IS an actual community around these games. There are people who want updates. If this doesn't happen, all the work the admins put into the great classic games that founded Hypixel will continue to be neglected. All we want is a simple update, maybe add a few maps, cosmetics, or something, anything.

Simply putting a few staff members in charge of the classic lobby for short amounts of time would help the game.

If you don't play the classic games, let me put this into context for you. Imagine that suddenly the admins stopped caring about your favorite game on Hypixel, it started to take forever for a single game to even start and it never received any more updates. How would that feel?

I hope that if this does reach the amount of people it needs the admins will actually do anything. Please, listen to the minority that plays these games.

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