Stop joyriders speeding past our homes!

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Some parts of Lancashire have among the worst accident records in the country for children being injured in residential areas which involve pedestrians and cyclists. On Harvey Street  in particular, despite speed limits being put into place, these are not being adhered to. It has become more apparent to me throughout the summer months that  the number of vehicles speeding along this road  has become a  major issue for neighboring residents. Joyriding is the  catalyst for most of these risk taking behaviors. This used to  occur during the night but there has recently been an increase in the number of motorcyclists and young motorists  speeding repeatedly up and down the street throughout the day, racing one another without any due cause for the safety of others. In some instances the motorcyclists have been performing 'stunts' and encouraging the police to speed after them in order to get a 'chase'.   

This busy road is used daily by many motorists to commute to work, drop off at local schools/ child care providers, to travel to local playgroups, playgrounds and play centres.

"Almost 7 out of 10 of all accidents in Lancashire where people are killed or seriously injured happen in 30 mph areas and not in faster roads" (Lancashire County Council).

This is incredibly concerning to me as a parent as this is a main route for many pedestrians with children under 10 years of age who attend one of the three primary schools at the bottom of the street, adjacent from my own home. It is also  an accessible route for SEN students from White Ash school to attend trips and has an incredibly busy and over subscribed day nursery at the top, where my daughter attends. Many of my neighbors also have pets that are at risk when reckless driving occurs, not only due to the noise, but the unpredictability of the drivers has killed some of my neighbors cats in previous years and my own pet puppy. 

I would like to propose to the council, with the support of the community, to have speed bumps at the start of the residential areas on Harvey Street . This would include the bottom of  Harvey street and at the top, as you proceed to Tennyson Avenue. Speed limits may be intended to act as a deterrent but unfortunately it would seem this is not  deterrent enough. In 2001 the council spent 100,000 pounds on improving road safety in our community which seems counterproductive if those who  this scheme was supposed to benefit, now feel more endangered than ever. Something needs to happen.

"Change starts with you, but it doesn't change until you do" (Tom Ziglar). 

Please join me as a family centered, supportive  community to sign this petition and make a difference to our roads and keep the streets safe for our children. . 




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