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Hydro One: Eliminate unfair fees and the HST from our bills, and remove inaccurate "smart meters" from the Province of Ontario


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TO: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS, Hydro One rates continue to rise causing undue hardship for Ontario residents, families and businesses.

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

By far the major cost associated with our hydro bills is the delivery charge, which is exceeding the price of hydro itself. WE demand the removal of all the hidden charges that make up the delivery charge to be replaced with a standard charge, the same for all customers in Ontario that reflects the actual cost of hydroelectric delivery.

Regulatory charges are inexcusable and need to be removed.

WE demand the immediate removal of the HST on Hydro bills. Why would the Province of Ontario charge HST on what is, and always has been, a necessity?

WE demand the immediate removal of the debt retirement charge for all customers

The time of use smart metering system is also causing serious problems with everyday life. Faulty meters continue to create over billing issues for thousands of residents. Instead of resolving these over charges Hydro One continues to force payment through harassment and threats of disconnection.

Therefore, WE demand the removal of all smart meters to be replaced with analog meters. 

We want to be billed a fair and accurate rate for hydro for ALL CUSTOMERS


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  • Bob Chiarelli
  • Carmine Marcello, CEO Hydro One
  • Ontario Energy Board
  • Premier of Ontario

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