Give justice for my LOC circular where am banned to travel for false case registered on me

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Hi team , there has been dispute going between my wife and me , where I said I will come India sort out issue in January 2018 , in the mean my wife Tabasum by name belongs to celebrity family, her mom name Shahnoor sana In Hyderabad had lodged a false case against me and my whole family for dowry harassment , just to take vengeance on me that I didn’t come in December .As am working in Sydney I requested them that dec is busy time my firm won’t allow me to travel , but her mom threatened me with vulgarity through many police officers and politicians .

For las three months they have been giving mental torture to my old age mom n dad , widow sister with two kids and brother that if I don’t accept divorce and give money what they ask they will use police officers to spoil my life and career . And since then they lodged 498a case on me and without enquiry they filed FIR , which is to be referred to local barosa committee but they didn’t . After I attend counselling in court , my wife forcing me to give divorce and money , which I rejected I said I want my wife and 7 month kid back .But as a result I didn’t accept divorce , they bribed officers with their money and asked to issue LOC on me knowing that am NRI and forcing me not to go Sydney and force me to give settlement and divorce as even they know that the issue is with court .

Due to which I lost my job , career , bad conduct on me , mental harassment , my old age father and mother suffering .We came into stage that to commit suicide as we are middle class people we can’t fight against big shots with their money .

I urge you as my family to sign this petition , so that fair enquiry Takes place in case of dowry harrasment , as justice should be favour even boys side.Girls demand money on basis of NRI, we struggle study and work and go earn not just by simple short cut.

i urge you that if someone is celebrity doesn’t mean they can do anything to normal public . Please help me to remove out of this case and revoke my loc to travel back and continue my job . When ever court required my presence for enquiry I will attend for sure .

Justice delayed is justice denied 

please save my life , family and career from so called Tabasum , Shahnoor sana and syed Anwar from Hyderabad celebrity side .

With regards 



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