Removal of illegal speedbreakers in the service road of Manjeera Diamond Towers, Hyderabad

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We the residents of Manjeera Diamond Towers, Tellapur Road, Nallangandla would want to raise this petition in the interest of people staying in the above mentioned society as well as for all the fellow commuters using the service road. Speed breakers are a neccessary thing in service road and according to IRC-99 (Indian Road Congress) guidelines, a speed breaker should have a radius of 17m with a width of 3.7m and a height of 0.1m. This is calculated to reduce the speed of the vehicle to 25kmph.

But in the service road opposite to Manjeera Diamond towers, there were already 2 speed breakers and there is a Grocery store which has again put 2 more speed breakers bordering their store and this is bothering all the residents. The height of the speed breaker is not according to the norms and also there are now 4 big humps whithin 100mts of the length of the road.

This is harming both the commuters as well as the vehicles health. So, we are raising this peition requesting the Hyderabad City Council to remove the extra speed breakers as it is toally unneccessary and they have put it for their own selfish needs. I would also like you to investigate as to who put them and charge them a fee so that this doesn't repeat.