Support Smart Development in Readville

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The future of Hyde Park is at a crossroads. More than any other neighborhood in the City of Boston, Hyde Park - Readville in particular - has a number of undeveloped and underutilized lots that are increasingly being sought after for use as shipping distribution centers, as well as for truck yards to replace those getting pushed out of redeveloping neighborhoods such as South Boston and Dorchester. At the same time, there has been less new housing built in Hyde Park and Readville in recent years than just about any neighborhood in Boston. If left out of the housing boom, Readville will be sentenced to become the dumping ground for much of the distribution centers, warehouses and truck yards getting pushed out of the rest of Boston.

Change is coming to Hyde Park. Our trusted, elected officials have been telling us this. It's not "if", but "when", though at this very moment in time, we still have the ability to help decide "what". For Hyde Park to remain a home - our home - it must remain primarily residential. Please don't shut Readville down for responsible residential development projects - ones like Sprague Street that are designed to take advantage of its proximity to mass transit to minimize the impact added residents will have on traffic. Smart, responsible projects like this will retain the character and composition of our spirited residential neighborhood for generations. Projects that are inviting to young residents as well as allow long-time residents to downsize without having to leave the neighborhood. We all know how bad the traffic is, and while cars are annoying, the much bigger problem to traffic, noise, and safety are heavy trucks, box trucks, delivery trucks and tractor trailers. And we're staring down the barrel of having many, many more of those. The scariest thing of all? The land is already zoned for this, so when these companies come to town, they won't be holding any neighborhood meetings asking us for our input.

We sit at a crossroads, and now is our time to decide in which direction Hyde Park will turn. By saying "yes" to smart, residential development, we can prevent our neighborhood from becoming something that most will agree we do not want, and help it to grow even stronger than it is today. 

Please sign this petition to support the pending Sprague Street Redevelopment.