Protect your child from sun damage by allowing your child to have sun cream in school.

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Children at Hyde Park Infants School are not allowed to have sun cream in school. The school has a sound policy on teachers being unable to apply cream to children (which I’m fully supportive of). However, they don’t allow children to self administer sun protection during the day. 

It’s very well documented that sun damage as a child can significantly increase the risk of developing skin cancer in adulthood. It is also well documented that so called ‘once a day’ creams should be reapplied as the level of protection decreases over time. 

Additionally, good quality, long lasting sun cream that may be sufficient, is very expensive and not all parents are in a position to be able to buy it. 

Having raised this with Mrs Hill as a concern she could offer no reasonable explanation for the policy. Indeed she implied it was because of concerns about chemicals in the creams. To my knowledge sun cream carries no warnings and is not classed as a medicine etc. I also approached the Chair of the Governing Body and he supported the Head Teacher and alluded to an issue of storage being the problem. He also said that the school owns this policy and has a right to do so, meaning it’s not a local or national policy. 

Both reasons seem unacceptable in light of what potential issues sun damage can cause. It would also appear that other schools in the Plymouth area, DO allow sun cream and have a much more responsible and proactive approach to the issue. 

Allowing children to have sun cream in their bags  and self-administer cream before the lunch break, will significantly improve the protection they get from the sun and reduce the risk of damage. It also helps to teach them independence and take responsibility for their health.