Sanction Trustees for Racist Comments & Actions!

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To: HWDSB Trustees

Whereas HWDSB Trustees Kathy Archer, Becky Buck, Alex Johnstone, and Carole Paikin-Miller were accused of racist comments and acts,  by former Student Trustee Ahona Mehdi, and

Whereas an independent investigation found sufficient evidence to corroborate these claims, and 

Whereas such racist comments and acts constitute a violation of the HWDSB’s Code of Conduct and of the above named Trustees’ duty of office, and

Whereas the comments made by the above named Trustees and outlined in the independent investigation were directed at the Black, Muslim and Indigenous communities and were extremely derogatory in nature. and 

Whereas students cannot fully be safe until we are rid of the systemic racism that plagues our community, and 

Whereas the HWDSB needs to take steps towards the goal of centring the voices of the people who have been marginalized by systemic racism, and

Whereas, failure to impose sanctions on  those involved, serves to endorse this racist behaviour and allow it to fester and spread;

We, the undersigned, demand, on behalf of students of the HWDSB, that you vote to place the strictest sanctions possible on the above named Trustees.

In our request, we draw your attention to Section 218.3(3) of the Education Act:

(3) If the board determines under subsection (2) that the member has breached the board’s code of conduct, the board may impose one or more of the following sanctions:

1.  Censure of the member.

2.  Barring the member from attending all or part of a meeting of the board or a meeting of a committee of the board.

3.  Barring the member from sitting on one or more committees of the board, for the period of time specified by the board.  2009, c. 25, s. 25.

Specifically we request that you impose sanctions bar Trustees Kathy Archer, Becky Buck, Alex Johnstone, and Carole Paikin-Miller prohibiting them from participating in any HWDSB business until such time as they are removed from their positions, resign from their positions,  and/or the end of their current term of office.