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Industrial Accountability.Save Our Future!

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Khonmoh - At Stake!

We still are answerable to our coming generations.
If we go through the times we all should be able to witness a vast downfall in our agriculture,health,education sector etc.But unfortunately the reason is still unknown to the well known facts so far.How our agricultural strength primarily on dry fruits and saffron has been weakend by the petty interests of some social evil mindsets.Time and again people of Khonmoh did rise against this environmental and social catastrophe but again the mighty power of money overrulled it again.Our young generation also raised concerns but were not supported by masses as the corrupt and liberal mindset prevails.We still wonder what caused all this which is not getting explored,we are this much busy with nothing that we can't even ignore how polluted our mindset is,despite all this we still are answerable to our coming generations.

The incorporation date of Khyber Cements is 12th April 1994 and since then this environmental catastrophe began following with Saifco & TCI.Alongwith these large scale industries in the lush green forest areas for Khonmoh, a different entity also came in ,SIDCO.Unfortunately,SIDCO is still not capable enough to tackle the chemical wastes on this land apart from its terrifying pollutants coming out of Plastic Units,which people of Khonmoh had to explore yet.

Environmentalists said one major pollutant contributing to these areas’ bad air is particulate matter, which includes concentrations of fine dust, soot and aerosol particles less than 10 microns in diameter (known as PM 10).The level of such particulates is measured in micrograms per cubic meter of air. The world environmental experts stipulated that any reading above 40 micrograms is unsafe but Jammu and Kashmir allows 100. In last six months, the average PM 10 level was 80, according to the Pollution Control Board.

So one should have an idea of the hadzards on humans.What should be the fate of fertile land and lush green forests which is a home to some of rare wildlife species.Khonmoh is a place wherein so many great things can happen.If we focus on cultivation again ,utilize huge structures like UNION CARBIDE etc.for a
college or university,we can witness a glimpse of our bright future.Khonmoh was once considered to be the green line of city for residential area and now we understand how we lost our credibility and value to our own land,where everyone knows how polluted the area is?

Atlast after 23 years we heard about a minute change that was a Bypass to be made as we have seen how many lives were lost by heavy transport.
Unfortunately,again SIDCO added fuel to the fire by not allowing Bypass to go through.SIDCO should focus on its chemical wastes first.We never held any stakeholder accountable for employments from within the Khonmoh.

We All Support Development On Environment,Health & Education Sectors.

Not On Our Lives!

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