Trap that polluting waste! (Install fences around Recycling Stations)

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Hello there!

I'm Tegan. Recently my family and I collected 30kgs worth of Rubbish in a 600m space; down our street. (88 - 35 Wakefield Street, Alicetown). The rubbish polluting our local area was escaping from the Lower Hutt Recycling Station Bins. 

- Overflow
- Incorrect Disposal (I.e people leaving rubbish out of the bins on the floor)

This has created a serious problem of litter. Floating down our street, becoming trapped in bushes, behind the Metlink railway fence & eventually making its way to the end of our street (Wakefield), and into the Hutt River. 

We are devastated that this issue, with such a simple fix - has pollution hurting our marine life, our waterways & generally making our "Clean, Green" city look vile. 

We wish to have a fence erected around the surrounding outer area of the Bins. In both the Lower Hutt Recycling Station, and the Wainuiomata Station also. This is in the hope that any escaping rubbish waste will be caught, and then easily collected and re-put into the bins by locals, or rubbish workers.  


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