Our goal is to convince Hutt City Council to changing parks surrounding HVHS to ALL DAY

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For a while now Hutt Valley High School Students have had the issue of not finding parks for a long enough period of time which results in parking tickets/fines which are uncalled for - HVHS is the biggest high school in Wellington with roughly 1,800 students and no where for them to park without being fined after 2 hours! This is a problem as it means students are having to move their car during spells & potentially being late to classes. Not to mention that during NCEA tests theres an even higher possibility of getting a ticket as we cannot leave without getting an automatic fail. Hutt Valley High School students are becoming stressed as to getting unnecessary fines & having to go out of their way during the day to move their car to another park which takes a while to find due to the time restrictions and means class time is being lost. Not only HVH Students but their parents are finding it extremely annoying that their kids are coming back with fines just to be able to study in school and having to worry. Some may say "Just don't bring your car to school" but that isn't an option for some students who live further out and shouldn't be forced to take public transport also mentioning that our public transport isn't the most reliable form of transport to meet every students needs. Hutt Valley High also encourages students to get their license by offering credits & courses which is funded, so why put in all the effort when we can't put it into practice?