Hurricane Maria = Ecological Disaster

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The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA or AEE for its acronym in Spanish), has signed a contract with a multinational energy cogeneration company, AES CORPORATION, (NYSE: AES is a Fortune 200 global power company). Using the COAL to generate and sell energy to the AEE. AES PR (founded in 1993) accumulate a mountain of about 100 feet tall until last July of 2017, that was about 430 thousand tons of industrial waste, (these data are according to documents of the company itself).

With the DEVASTATION of HURRICANE MARIA, on September 20, 2017, two Puerto Rican entities, "La Perla del Sur" and the "Center for Investigative Journalism (CPI, acronym in Spanish)", presented a study paid by "AES Puerto Rico" ; which revealed that the monumental ash dump of its industrial site is releasing TOXIC and CARCINOGENIC elements into the subsoil, and that this contamination is already migrating from the site (imagine the photo, that mountain of ashes does not exist anymore).  Exposed the presence of ARSENIC, CHROME, SELENIUM and MOLYBDENUM in the water and soil under the mountain of coal ash.

The investigation of the CPI and LA PERLA DEL SUR also discovered that the deposits of the ashes have been spreading throughout the island of PUERTO RICO, and that at least from the year 2004 another TWO MILLION TONS have finished as fillers in RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL projects and roads of 12 municipalities of the island, more than half of these tons in the towns of Guayama, Salinas, Arroyo, Santa Isabel and Coamo [municipalities very close to where the "eye" (center) of the hurricane Maria entered PR). This figure prior to HURACAN MARIA is FOUR times the amount of coal ash that AES has accumulated in Guayama since at least four years, without COVER and INTEMPERIE in a shameless VIOLATION to provisions of its contract of sale of electricity with AEE. (Among other clauses, this contract establishes that the company will NOT MAINTAIN this industrial waste in the US soil - territory of Puerto Rico - for more than 180 days).

Now mayors and ecologists demand in unison to thoroughly investigate whether the MILLIONS of TONS of coal ash distributed for more than a decade over a dozen municipalities in the country have caused similar or worse pollution. AS WAS WAITING, through a press release, AES PR alleges and ensures that it complies with the groundwater monitoring requirements that the US EPA'S requires of all the plants that store coal ash in its facilities.

After the publication of "La Perla del Sur" and the "CPI", the president of the Environmental Quality Board of Puerto Rico (local entity of the US EPA'S), Mrs. Tania Vázquez Rivera, limited herself to asking AES PR for the delivery of all documents related to the study carried out by DNA Environmental, under threat of imposing fines of up to $ 25 thousand per day, if AES did not comply with the order within ten working days.

Nobody doubts in Puerto Rico that a multinational and multi-billionaire corporation like AES, prefers to pay that small fine, rather than alter its "modus operandi" of its lucrative contract with the government of PUERTO RICO. We must demand to the US EPA's Administrator SCOTT PRUITT, US EPA's Regional Administrator of the caribbean Environmental Protection Division, Peter D. López, the governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello, and Andrés Gluski President and Chief Executive Officer AES CORP, and, AES PR (unfortunately on the AES Puerto Rico website, it does not indicate who the directors are) to prosecute the operations of AES PR in Puerto Rico. Not operations in an office, the FIELD  operations; that complies with the established contract. STOP the ECOLOGICAL DISASTER EXACERBATED by the devastation of the HURRICANE MARIA. DECONTAMINATE the damage caused in our island.  AFTER MARIA'S HURRICANE THE ECOLOGICAL DISASTER CONTINUES IN OUR ISLAND.